Casual commentary on the book of job chapter 42

Job 42 commentary commentary critical and explanatory on. Instead of demanding more answers from god, instead of questioning god further, job answers the only way a man can who has seen the living god face to face, with awe and repentance. Anderson is a renowned scholar, and the commentary reflects his learning without becoming overly technical. Job is a type of jew going through the tribulation period. Job chapter 42 kjv king james version notice the bible tells us that god gave job twice as much as he had back in ch. Its the same process by which believers are made strong and capable today. The context for any passage in the book of job has to begin with chapter 1, which establishes jobs excellent character 1. God reads the heart of man, even before he speaks his words. It was a tough road, but job did not curse god, and job did maintain his integrity, much to the dismay of satan 1. Though his patience had not its perfect work, his repentance for his impatience had. On the contrary, god speaks directly to job, just as he does in the patriarchal age with noah, abraham, isaac, jacob, and other heads of households see job 3842. The big picture of job is that there was a man who was, in one sense, blameless in gods sight. This epilogue to the book of job is, for many readers, hard to accept. The description of the leviathan, is yet further to convince job of his own weakness, and of gods almighty power.

Job, chapter 42 king james version christian answers webbible. The catholic church could never explain these passages because they are part of them. Job s road to the most important encounter hed ever have was paved with similar grief. And god again challenges him by a display of his power and judgments, 614.

Then job answered the lord, and said, 2 i know that thou canst do every thing, and that no thought can be withholden from thee. At last, god fulfills jobs desire for a facetoface encounter. On the contrary, god speaks directly to job, just as he does in the patriarchal age with noah, abraham, isaac, jacob, and other heads of households see job 38 42. The new element in the second cycle is that elihus speech is interrupted by the dramatic appearance of god himself job 38.

But god permitted the satan, one of the heavenly minions. Three things we have met with in this book which, i confess, have troubled me very much. His troubles began in satans malice, which god restrained. Five truths for sufferers from the book of job the gospel.

How to respond to a powerful and loving god job 42. And there is a reality called satan who challenges god that his man is not as good as he thinks he is. Andersen job tyndale old testament commentaries, 1976. It is a though some western union telegram boy delivers a series of messages to job about terrible catastrophes.

I know that you can do everything, and that no purpose of yours can be withheld from you. The greatest theme in this book of job is that it reveals to us the character of god himself. Hes blameless and upright, and he has kids, a wife, land, and a bunch of sheep. In the first clause he owns god to be omnipotent over nature, as contrasted with his own feebleness, which god had proved job 40.

Or, you might be able to say that he was carried out. The second explanation of suffering mentioned above is clearly taught in the nt. After job prayed for his friends, god made job successful again job 42. Jobs road to the most important encounter hed ever have was paved with similar grief. Hard on the heels of the first comes another one, and the messages keep coming in. The book of job narrates how these times of suffering are temporary 42.

Again, eugene peterson captures job s thoughts well in job 42. You asked, who is this who hides counsel without knowledge. I believe a key to interpreting the book of job is found early in the first chapter. Solomon says, better is the end of a thing than the beginning thereof, eccl. And after all of that fortyone chapters that have taken us over a year to study job gives his final response to the lord in verse 1 of chapter 42. I realized job didnt lose them he had 10 in heaven and 10 on earth. God denounces the three friends whose arrogant proclamation of false wisdom had so tormented job. Next chapter of job the book of job, chapter 42 we hope that you find the content of the book of job, chapter 42 from the douay rheims version of the catholic bible helpful to your bible studies and for references which allow you to read the books and individual verses of this chapter.

Job began this chapter with the language of the lawcourt if one wished to contend with him, job 9. Commentary on the book of job chapter fortytwo by wm w wells. It ends with a question mark not an explanation mark. Job 42 bible commentary matthew henry concise christianity.

The end of jobs dispute will not come until later, but the end of our dispute with god is available now in jesus christ. When the understanding is enlightened by the spirit of grace, our knowledge of divine. Lo and behold, satan comes out and challenges god on job s goodness. In chapter 1 we read that, one by one, the props are pulled out of jobs life. Commentary on the book of job chapter four by wm w wells.

In the books first cycle, jobs friends speeches were halted by the revelation of gods wisdom. After the lord had said these things to job, he said to eliphaz the temanite, i am angry with you and your two friends, because you have not spoken the truth about me, as my servant job has. And it is written that he will rise again with those whom the lord raises up the companion bible, appendix 62. Those looking for a detailed, verse by verse study should look to david clines 3 volume series in the word biblical commentary series. Oct 28, 2012 this week we read the final chapter of the book and find out what becomes of job in the end. Job is now sufficiently humbled at the feet of jehovah. Still, this commentary offers a much needed perspective to the book of job and is highly recommended to casual and mid level readers. Job 42 commentary, one of over 110 bible commentaries freely available, this commentary, by the leading authority in the church of christ, presents a verse level look at the bible. At a recent pastors conference on the book of job, a leader asked. Five truths for sufferers from the book of job the gospel coalition. This week we read the final chapter of the book and find out what becomes of job in the end. We need not confound the time of job and the time of the author of the book that goes under his name.

David guzik commentary on job 42 describes jobs repentance and restoration, as he confesses before god, who restores jobs life with blessings. Answered does not refer to any thing said by job, or any question asked. God has all power, as well as all wisdom and understanding. Job 42 commentary matthew henry commentary on the whole. Chapter 42 finds job neither questioning god aggressively nor intoning fatalistic sounding pietisms. The words of job justifying himself were ended, job 31.

Moreover the lord answered that is, the lord continued his discourse with job. For those seeking a more introductory level commentary on the book of job, francis andersons commentary is the best place to start. In so doing, this difficult and challenging book speaks in clear and strengthening ways to christians suffering and trying to remain faithful in their agony. Up in the heavens, god brags to the divine assembly about job. Tremper longman calls it a major contribution to the study of the book and explains this is because it examines all the facets of the book, not necessarily because it is terribly original. Then job was sorry that he said the wrong things about god. Verse 7 and it was so, that, after jehovah had spoken these words unto job, jehovah said to eliphaz the temanite, my wrath is kindled against thee, and against thy two friends. So job does not answer him, although he still deviates a little from the truth and interprets the words of job in the wrong sense, as we shall clearly see commentary on the book of job, chapter 32. In the words of aquinas, he uses more penetrating arguments against job than the prior speeches and approaches nearer the truth. In a satisfying and ironic twist, he declares that if job prays on their behalf he will not punish them for their ignorant speeches in gods stead job 42. Furthermore, job offers his own sacrifices and sacrifices for his friends, rather than bringing them to the levitical priests at the tabernacle or temple, etc. Therefore i have uttered what i did not understand, things too wonderful for me, which i did not know.

Job chapter 42 coffmans commentary of the new testament. Job 42 commentary james burton coffman commentaries on. The lord, having showed job how unable he was to deal with the leviathan, sets forth his own power in that mighty creature. The images job held both of god in his relationship with job and of himself in his relationship with god and fellow man are shattered into an unrecognizable mass of pulp. The whole book up to this point has been apparently an argument against the doctrine of retributive justice. Whether this leviathan be a whale or a crocodile, is disputed. Job the niv application commentary kindle edition by. God often appears to us as a cold, impersonal being, distant from us, uncaring, even ruthless and vindictive, demanding many things from usa powerful being but without compassion. Job and condemns eliphaz, bildad, and zophar job 42. Wisdom which does not grasp the book of job, is doomed to falter, as did solomon. Perhaps the best ending to job is included in this line added to chapter 42, verse 17, which some versions of the septuagent include in an appendix.

Job 42 commentary james burton coffman commentaries on the. A chronological daily bible study of the old testament 7day. My anger burns against you and against your two friends, for you have not spoken of me what is right, as my servant job has. Top 5 commentaries on the book of job ligonier ministries. Commentary on job 3842 job meets god tough questions. Above all, job now knows that god owes him only what he determines that he owes him. You can find the best commentary on job for you using the tools on the right side. My servant job will pray for you, and i will accept his prayer and not deal. Job free bible commentary in easy english easyenglish bible. In chapter 1 we read that, one by one, the props are pulled out of job s life. Hartleys commentary is quite recent 1990 and is considered a good complement to clines.

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